That big blue boost/promote button will follow you everywhere. Its there lurking on all your posts and then it sneaks up on you in your notifications. Tempting isn’t it?

Within seconds you can be showing your content to new people and hopefully you will get loads of new followers and loads of money! Unfortunately it’s not a fairytale ending for just a few seconds of effort. 

Facebook is painting a very rosy picture with that button. It’s not going to drive your business forward as it’s a tactical action for that moment, not a strategy for the long haul.

Facebook will make loads of incremental revenue with your few quids here and there. It’s very clever. Think of your business and imagine what you do to make money. Facebook is no different in their motivations. 

How I used the boost button

I got into Facebook Ads by pressing the boost button and put £1 a day to a very broad audience. Nothing really happened other than a few likes here and there and I wasted about a tenner. I then started playing around with the audience as I wasn’t confident enough to play around with the budget. We got some sales but I couldn’t guarantee if it was the other marketing activities we were doing but it felt like it was.

I changed the content and audience over and over until it felt a little more right. I then thought of sod it, let’s gamble. I put a fiver a day on and sales went up consistently. I knew I had found a sweet spot with the audience, the content and the budget.

What the boost method didn’t tell me was which Ad was the best, which audience or content actually worked. It could have been a complete fluke.  

When should you use the boost button?

  • When you are learning to get used to the audience types and you have a few quid to spare for your own development as a small business owner. Jumping into Ads Manager might not be the best approach for you if you need a bit of time to take it all in and learn.
  • When you post something that is getting a lot of organic engagement and you can jump on an opportunity to reach more people that may not be aware of your brand. You may have some amazing or topical content that you have to get out there quickly.


Why you should avoid the boost button

  • It’s like throwing money in the dark hoping for results if you use all the time. The only time you should consider boosting is if the organic post is getting a lot of engagement and it’s timely to grab that moment. 
  • In Ads Manager you can optimise your post depending on your goal – brand awareness, engagement, conversions, leads.
  • You get less audience targeting options and call to action options.
  • Instagram audience selection in the app is awful. You don’t even get a list, you type in what you think interests are.
  • When you boost on the Facebook Mobile App, you can’t see what it looks like on different views – Facebook mobile, desktop and what it looks like on Instagram
  • In my experience when I boosted a post I always got my hands slapped by Facebook for too much text and they stop your reach if they aren’t happy with the content. I then had to edit the original post to make it more Facebook Ad friendly

  • Boosting gives basic reporting so you don’t really learn from it. Ads manager gives you ALL the data.

I hope I haven’t scared you with my views on the boost button. Definitely look and give it a go.

We all start from somewhere.

Here’s a guide on how to boost on Facebook and Instagram. Note you can only boost a post on the app in Instagram.

How to boost a Facebook Post >

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