This is my first blog post so I better introduce myself and Ruby Tuesday Social.

About Me

 Im Lucy, 32 & mum of Ruby (20months) I live in Huddersfield after doing a tour of Yorkshire over the last 15 years (Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford) I was born in Boston. Lincolnshire, not Massechusetts unfortunately.  

Where it began

I started Ruby Tuesday Social when I was sat on the M62 (Leeds to Huddersfield stretch) in another bloody traffic jam with a toddler and diminishing snacks and iPad battery. We are absolutely in a different generation to our parents and I’m fed up earning money and giving it to a nursery. I’m not sure if there is a middle ground but I was willing to explore my options.  

Before Ruby Tusday Social

My background is in Marketing and IT for leisure and travel organisations. I had also been doing ALOT of free marketing work for friends and family over the years. A builder/joiner/plumber/electrician and someone who has some knowhow about digital marketing are the best kinds of people to have in your inner circle. 

More recently for the last three years I have been managing the social media, marketing and pretty much all the customer comms for a successful family venture. So sat on the M62, a lightbulb moment when I was scheduling posts on Facebook as I was going to be there a while (I wasn’t driving) I thought, I’m pretty good at this… They wouldn’t be as half as successful without me… I could do this all the time and help other start ups and small business. 

Why Ruby Tuesday?

I quickly decided on the name Ruby Tuesday Social. It was either that or my actual name. I couldn’t choose but then listened to a podcast featuring the founder of the Cambridge Satchel Company on Holly Tucker’s podcast and she basically said if you want to be in business stop fannying around and get on with it. Within 3 days she learnt how to code a website and made a logo on Word Art (remember that?!) to fulfil a large order.

So my Ruby was born on a Tuesday. She was always going to be called Ruby in my head and the fact she was born on a Tuesday (remember that Rolling Stones song? You should immediately go on Spotify to listen) sealed the deal for me and obviously as I had done the hard graft so my wish was granted. 

What I did next

From August – December 2019, I had completed specific training in Social Media and Facebook Advertising  ( and , read everything else on the internet about social and started testing strategy on the family business and my own social accounts. I also built a website, sorted out a mailing list, attended several networking events (and started organising my own) and here we are in 2020.

I’m looking to work with local businesses in Huddersfield and help them build an engaged online audience so they can grow and live the lifestyle they want. If I sound like your cup of tea email me at lucy@rubytuesdaysocial or find me on Instagram and Facebook @RubyTuesdaySocial

What I like

– Learning. I cant help myself, its a good but strange lifelong (and expensive) hobby.

– Podcasts

– My Allotment

– Free time. I have spent 32 years of my life squeezing a million things but now just like the simple things with my family

– Being outside, being active and being with good company


What I dont like

– Bad fonts and design.

– The M62

– Brexit

– Waste of any kind. Im not quite Extinction Rebellion but I am genuinely concerned about all the shit we throw away.


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