I’m going to use a case study for this one. Let me tell you about Creative Jigsaws.(www.facebook.com/creativejigsaws) They are a small craft business, 3 years in and ready to scale and using Facebook Ads and a clear social media strategy to help them achieve that growth.

They have unique craft product – A wooden personalised jigsaw for children amongst other handmade jigsaw products. No laser cutting, just good old fashioned toy making.

They have a great proposition that appeals to parents – How many more childrens parties this year? *laughing crying emoji* Trying to reduced plastic crap presents?

It is AMAZING value at £1 per letter

90% of website traffic comes from Facebook. That is where the audience is at.


Why do they have a Freelance Social Media Manager?

They are really, really, really good at cutting each jigsaw by hand and lovingly hand-painting in their workshop, ready to be posted out to all those parent looking for a great value, unique sustainable gift for all the kids in their kids class at school…and all the cousins… and all the NCT kids.

However they dont have

  • Time (as they are making to jigsaws to order and doing other business/life stuff)
  • Any general digital marketing experience
  • Any knowledge on how to optimise their social media platforms
  • No idea how to set up Facebook ads to create leads and target their audience
  • The confidence to try different things to reach a new potential audience

Having a freelance social media manager (OK, its me) helps them make money without the stress & time. There’s only so many hours in the day and they spend most of them crafting a great quality product and running the operational side of a small business.


What has a Freelance Social Media Manager helped them do?

In 3 years, organically grow Facebook followers to 8,620 and start exploring Instagram as a creative outlet to engage with new audiences.

Evolve from selling their crafts on Etsy and Ebay to introduce a direct selling channel using Facebook advertising to target new audiences and create brand awareness and enage with existing customers.

Enagage with their audience by replying quickly to any comments, queries and concerns.

Have the confidence to push the business forwards, knowing they can sell online to a targetted audience with a strong sales message.

The moral of the story…

Small businesses need to be on Social Media but theres no shame in investing in expertise and learn as they go.

Don’t waste money on Facebook Ads. That boost button in very tempting but hire someone who knows what they are doing or learn best practice to get the most out of your money.

There isnt a silver bullet to using social media to make you money from your crafts. It’s a load of hard graft, great ideas, knowing your audience and evolving constantly.

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