Some facts about Instagram

There are 1 billion active Instagram users per month and 500 million people use the platform every day (Hootsuite 2020)

Thats a lot of people.

You’re not greedy are you? You just need a teeny, tiny percentage of those people to interact with your brand and buy your product right?

You’re doing well on Facebook and know the basics of Instagram so its easy peasy, just set up an account, post some stuff and they will come…. OK, a few might but are they the right people ie people that could potentially buy your product. Those people might buy but how do you keep them interested in coming back and opening their wallets once more?

Instagram can be a bit of a heard graft initially to gain a momentum. You’ve heard of the ‘Algorithm’ right? Theres no mystery here – it uses hundreds, maybe thousands of variables to score each post and the ones with the highest points win. The prize is reach and position in your followers feeds. To reach those dizzy heights you do need to follow some fundamental rules consistently

1. Creating great (and varied) content that is relevant to your audience

2. Keeping a constant tone of voice that represents your brand to gain the trust of your followers

3. Optimise your posts using hashtags, call to actions and engagement methods.

4. Using insights to learn and evolve

I have put together a 30+ page Instagram basics PDF. Its totally FREE, just pop in your details and hit download. When you have had a peruse DM me @RubyTuesdaySocial and let me know your thoughts. 





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