This is a question we will all be asking each other in the future, as we do with all global events.

“Where were you when Covid-19 hit the news?”

I was working a lot, juggling life, toddler and work as normal. Then boom. At home, but still juggling and struggling in a totally different way.

I went straight to Amazon to buy stuff to keep my daughter entertained as we had no garden toys and her 2nd birthday was coming up. We signed up for the Disney plus subscription, reviewed our bills and have ‘made do’ for around 7 weeks now. Our occasional treats include a local Mexican takeaway and looking at my spending history things we have bought are entertainment, clothes for the little one and any necessities that we couldn’t get from our Aldi or the local co-op.

Our consumer behaviour has changed because our lives are now massively different in lockdown and will be in this ‘new normal’ going forward.

There have been businesses that have been booming, some that have nosedived which has stressed the importance of having an online channel and others that have diversified to deliver their product right to a customers door.


The Ads world right now


Marketing spend will have reduced in many industries as they are physically unable to sell. For example Primark just have stores and gone from a £650 million turnover a month to nothing.  Airlines, restaurants, hotels, parking companies, spas, sports centres and many more will not be spending on Ads at all.

This means that you are no longer in competition with the big media buyers and you have more of a chance in showing up and being noticed (as long as you spend enough and the content is good)

Consumers are in a ‘buy local’ mindset and long may it continue. They are also on social media. A lot! You have a captive audience that probably scroll more as a form of escapism from the humdrum of home schooling, looking for news, memes or something to pass the time and are connecting with family and friends more than ever.

Facebook Ads are currently a good idea if:

1) You are a business in demand (but need to be found by a wider audience)

2) You have pivoted to an online model and you have an existing audience that will support you.

3) You can help people with your services – a membership, training course, coaching, learning a new skill, improving their health etc.. People need people right now and they have time to develop personally at the right price.

4) All the above, but you are not a total beginner or have some help to create great ads and show them to the right audience.


Make hay while the sun shines


I’m lucky to have one of those businesses on my books which are still trading and demand is a lot higher – An online children’s personalised wooden craft and gift store.

At first when the corona bomb dropped, we just thought shit. No one will buy anything as we will all be skint. This was before the word ‘furlough’ came up in every other sentence. We reduced the Ad spend and sat tight for a week.

Then orders started trickling in.  I personally looked around for paints and play dough for my daughter… limited stock & longer delivery times. I noticed new hashtags for keeping the kids busy and Facebook groups popping up to share ideas.

We created new ads to hit those pain points

– Something to do

– Something to gift

– A budget product but great value

– Home delivery

– Supporting small businesses

Since then we have been smashing it.

Conversion was good before, but this is another level.

We used lookalike audiences (Facebook finds people similar to your customers), made sure the image stood out and gave the price point as a hook and the copy resonated with the audience.

The ad spend is £10 per day and the average return since lockdown is £22 for every pound spent. Not bad for a small ecom business, huh? Sales come in from elsewhere but Facebook and Instagram Ads are without a doubt the most targeted and trackable and have totally made sense to invest in because of that return.


No budget….?


So Facebook Ads might help you, but money is tight.

If you spend £1 a day on boosting a post to cold audience (people that know nothing about your brand or business) you are guaranteed to spend £7 a week, £28 a month.

You aren’t guaranteed to make any sales.

My honest advice would be to invest your time in your organic social media before you jump right in and spend money without an audience strategy and the ability to track the results. Post regularly with engaging content that resonates with your customers.  Don’t be salesly, give advice, be fun, ask questions and be informative about what you have to offer or have in stock.

If you want to run ads, and you haven’t before there is so much online to guide you through Ads Manager but you could spend that £28 a month towards learning how to set up successful ads that convert and build a strategy unique to your business.

Here are some other things you can do if you think Facebook Ads are right for your business without spending anything (or a small investment to get help) 

If you think Facebook Ads can help you in lockdown then here’s a little bit of extra help below to get you started. With the right strategy and expertise, Facebook and Instagram Ads can help you meet your business objectives.

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