No pressure, but choosing the right objective is pretty important when creating an Facebook or Instagram ad campaign. You are helping the algorithm help you! It will also put you in the right mindset for selecting the right audience and creating ad copy that your audience will respond to, giving you a better chance of achieving the objective you initially set.


The objectives are split into a classic sales funnel:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase


Lets go into each in a bit more detail



Brand Awareness and Reach are basically getting more eyeballs on your Ad. Reach is more concerned about maximising the number of impressions. Brand Awareness is similar but is optimised to show to people who are more likely to be interested in your brand.

This is one of the least common objectives chosen for small businesses as you aren’t getting anything tangible out of it. Larger brands may use this for general campaigns when they have a message to get across  or have a particular social campaign that isn’t relying on sales eg Nike, a political party

You aren’t asking anyone to do anything so Facebook will serve this Ad type to more people.



Now you want something to happen. You want someone to take the next step and engage with your Ads. More often than not, you can’t go straight in for the hard sell. Think of it like dating before the internet. No one likes the person who goes straight for it on the dance floor. The result is always ‘errr no thanks’ with a swift sidestep back to the bar. You are warming up so you have better chance at converting down the line.



This is sending someone from A to B and more often than not, B is your website. If you want people to buy, don’t use traffic as you are not targeting people who might actually buy. You are targeting people that will click on a link. Its a bonus if they buy something if you have a shit hot website, but use this as part of your funnel.

It works well if you have a higher value service and you have created a blog post giving value away for free (eg 5 ways to make your website better or a free white paper download on trends). You might have a product that needs a bit of explaining how its going to solve a problem or a demo of how it works. You can retarget these people later once they have had time to take it all in.


This is Facebook’s absolute fave. You are staying on Facebook and being social. You can select a sub-objective of likes, engagement and event response so you are telling it what kind of people to find – serial likers, chatters and people who like to accept event requests.

Page likes are great if you are growing your audience and you have a great organic content strategy to engage with them on your page afterwards. Engagement is great for ‘Social Proof’ which means when people have a conversation about your product which in turn, influences others. Posts and Ads with lots of people commenting and sharing gives you confidence with your Ad Strategy – the audience and the content are ticking boxes.

Lead Generation

This allows you to capture data in Facebook for your email list. You may want to use your own lead form and use the traffic objective but this is great when you don’t have that option. Sometimes your own lead pages hosted on your website can be distracting (menus, blogs etc) and you can lose the interest of the person and you won’t get that email address!


This could be good if you have a high ticket price or a confusing service. You can encourage a conversation and put any concerns to bed. For example if you offered training or coaching or have an app, ask people to chat to you. You can build relationships through their preferred communication channel rather than hoping they email/wait until you capture them as a lead.


This is a great Ad objective. A picture speaks a thousand words, but a video shouts out a lot more. The videos are hosted on Facebook and Instagram so all they have to do is watch. You can then retarget people that have watched your videos, serving them with a different message and moving them closer to becoming a customer



Conversion is split into 3 objectives. The clue is in the name but this is when you want people to buy



The most expensive ad objective as its a big ask! You are asking Facebook to find people within your audience who are likely to buy. Try to get a larger audience to allow Facebook to find people who have shown behaviour of purchasing something. You will also want them to be ‘warm’ so this is why funnels are important, you need to move people towards buying and filter out those who won’t. Creating custom audiences eg people who have visited your website recently will be far more effective than selecting a cold saved audience based on interests 

Catalogue Sales

This is where brands basically follow you around after looking at a product on the website. You look at the shoes, then shoes follow you again, and again and then you can’t bear to see them anymore so you buy them. This is usually triggered when you have added to basket and abandoned. It doesn’t mean that you don’t want them at that time, you may have got distracted or seen something else. Its an effective way of trying to close a sale that you have worked hard for and spent money on already to get them onto your website.


Now….Lets reach those objectives!

One thing to take away from this as a small business – All of this is achievable, but not just from boosting a post. For a start you can’t create custom audiences (e.g people who have abandoned the basket or viewed a certain page) and choose the conversion objective. Posts are meant to be for engagement so boosting a post gives you the awareness and consideration objectives.

If you are getting serious about growing your business then an Ads Strategist like myself comes in handy! I can guide you through Ads Manager with some training or manage your Ad budget, setting up a campaign to meet your objectives.

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